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  • Single Person Driven Development and Design.
    Get personal with the creator and help shape the projects themselves!
  • Pursuing Content Originality and Consistency that isn't found in team-oriented development "businesses".
  • Passion-focused development; Not Profit focused development. Innovative Design Philosophy.
  • Developing anything from websites, to mods, music/sounds, graphics,
    designs, games, books, botany/horticulture, and even technology.
  • Providing fresh experiences that change over time, offering a natural variety that the human mind craves.
  • Keeping Balance above all; Problems are solved, not overlooked;
    Money will never be an incentive to stack the deck in anyone's favor.
  • Focused on a Quality, creative and entertaining experience that differs from the Mainstream, cookie cutter, for-profit-minded developers.
  • Offering unique challenges that drive an individual to gradually improve themselves and ask new questions.
  • Continual Development on key projects rather than "release project, move on" mentality that Mainstream developers employ.
  • Always seeking improvement and fairness in any situation, I seek what is the most beneficial path for all.